“I moved to Sioux Falls shortly after I graduated last year and wasn’t sure where I would go to fill my prescription I was so used to getting in Yankton. Luckily, some friends recommended I go to Jason Scott Pharmaceuticals, and I couldn’t be happier. I get my delivery at my doorstep for every order I make, and the staff always knows my monthly prescription. When it comes to medications and prescriptions, comfort and convenience mean everything, and at Jason Scott Pharmaceuticals, I definitely have them.”


“I love ordering drugs from Jason Scott Pharmaceuticals. The staff is always extremely helpful and understanding too customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If they don’t have a product in stock, they are more than willing to order it. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”

Amy K.


“I have never been to a more dedicated pharmacy. Not only do they always try to save me money but they really care. My husband and I are disabled. They’ve even offered to drive our meds to us, they go above and beyond any other pharmacy. “Jason Scott Pharmaceuticals” is the right name for our pharmacy in Atlanta. It feels like the women and men who work there take special care when helping you. We recently had some tragedies in our family and I felt like I was talking to friends about it.”

–Jeri W.


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13 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Pascal Bate says:

    “ I have become a much more frequent pharmacy customer, and thank goodness we go to Jason Scott Pharmaceuticals! I’m impressed that even in the drive-through, the pharmacists stop and talk to me about the drug and answer my questions. And when my little guy was struggling with ear infections this past winter and we had to try many different antibiotics, they were really helpful in explaining the differences in the meds and how to best give them to my baby. I also appreciate that I can pick up whatever is on my list when I’m in the store, and my delivery is sure when I buy online.”
    – Pascal Bate

  2. Donald Litmos says:

    I’m so much impressed by the quality of your products, I couldn’t believe it when my friend advised me to start ordering from you guys. You guys made my dream come through, now I can get my Methadone without issues.

  3. Julia Stovall says:

    Basically, a good place to shop. Somehow shipping and delivery time have to be reduced. Also when payment is not received customer needs to be notified. This order sat for two weeks without me knowing the payment wasn’t received and now I have one week until I am out of product. I’m only glad because i notified the customer service and the order finally arrived. I will recommend this pharmacy to the whole of Texas

  4. Nadine Roggeveen says:

    An extremely motivated team that keeps everything flowing nicely, every order I’ve made came thru, even big ones. Products were also as they are labelled as never had a less potent batch than what was advertised. My constant Adderall supplier. The perfect vendor with a huge inventory en trustable.

  5. James Alison says:

    I understand in the world’s current situation things are completely slow down. The time waiting for delivery was quite a nail-biter. I am satisfied it did arrive and it’s exactly what I ordered. Thank you for the extra Xanax bars, expect my orders in the future.

  6. Sandra D. Jones says:

    Problem-free transaction and timely delivered item. Will recommend others and will be using them again myself. Medications arrived within 24 hours in New York City. Thanks J

  7. Amanda Smith says:

    Have had very good experiences with the website, pretty much every day that I placed an order for Oxycodone M30 and they happen to ship on that they, it was, and the only time that wasn’t the case it was delayed by only two days or so. The product is always of great quality as well.

  8. Dennis M. Mejia says:

    With all the madness going on it is nice to be able to use a service that actually works. Takes a while to get the medication, but that is to be expected. Have placed a few orders and I know they are extremely busy but they have handled everything professionally. Turn around is taking about 3 weeks. I was worried about their legitimacy but they have exceeded my expectations. Jason Scott Pharmaceuticals remains the best as far as I know

  9. Kim Liam says:

    Wow, I am so happy that I spent my money here! To be honest, I was very sceptical about buying acne medication online from another country but everything was smooth sailing! The package was very discreet and took 5 days to arrive in Hungary, which is pretty fast according to the pandemic. I really hope that this shop will be working for a long time because I’m planning on taking this medication for the rest of my life and I would like to buy it from this vendor! Thank you Jason so much and keep up with the excellent service!

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